There are a lot of job opportunities out there, but which ones are the best paying? If you’re looking for a career in oilfield services/equipment, you may be wondering which fields offer the highest salaries. In this article, we will share the top-paying jobs in the oilfield services/equipment industry and give you a little more information about each one.

What is an Oilfield Services/Equipment job?

Oilfield services and equipment jobs are some of the highest paying in the industry. Those in this field can expect to make anywhere from $60,000 to over $100,000 a year, depending on experience and skill set. The best part about these jobs is that they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of hours worked and location. You can work as much or as little as you want, and there’s usually no need for a college degree to get started.

The Different Types of Oilfield Services/Equipment Jobs

The oilfield services/equipment industry is a big one, and there are many different types of jobs that someone can take on in this field. Here are just a few of the most common:

Pipelayer: A pipelayer is someone who works on pipelines, either laying them or maintaining them. They need to have good manual dexterity and strength, as well as good coordination.

Driller: A driller is someone who works with gas and oil companies to drill holes in the ground and extract the resources that lie beneath it. They need strong hands, good arm strength, and excellent coordination.

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Field Technician: A field technician is someone who works onsite at an oilfield service or equipment company. They may be responsible for setting up drilling rigs or performing other tasks.

The Best Paying Jobs in Oilfield Services/Equipment

In oilfield services and equipment, there are a number of jobs that can provide high earnings. Jobs in this field include drilling operators, rig supervisors, and engineers. Earning potential in this area is based on experience and qualifications.

Drilling operators typically earn between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. Rig supervisors can make up to $175,000 per year. Engineers work in a variety of capacities including design, project management, and software development. They can earn upwards of $130,000 per year.

What are the Requirements for an Oilfield Services/Equipment Job?

Oklahoma oilfield services and equipment jobs offer benefits, including excellent pay. In this article, we’ll outline the requirements for these jobs and provide some salary information.

The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) reports that the average salary for an oilfield services/equipment job in Oklahoma is $75,000 annually. This figure includes both those in management positions and laborers. The good news is that many companies are looking for experienced personnel in these fields, so even entry-level jobs tend to pay well. Additionally, employee benefits are usually top-notch.

Some of the basic requirements for oilfield services/equipment positions include:

  • Previous experience in a related field
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds consistently
  • A valid driver’s license

How to Get a Job in Oilfield Services/Equipment?

Looking for a high-paying job in oilfield services/equipment? Here are five of the best-paying jobs in this industry!

Pipeline Engineer - $117,000/year

Pipeline engineers design, build, and maintain pipelines. They work with a variety of clients, including oil companies, refineries, and shipping companies. They must have knowledge of engineering principles and excellent problem-solving skills.

Hydrogeologist - $101,000/year

Hydrogeologists study the geology of water resources. They help identify potential drilling sites and monitor water quality. This is an extremely demanding position that requires years of experience and expertise in underground mining and geochemistry.

Drilling Engineer - $104,000/year

Drilling engineers design, supervise, and manage drilling operations for oil and gas wells. They also develop drilling programs and evaluate drilling results. This is a highly specialized position that requires a degree in engineering or mechanical sciences along with several years of experience working in the oilfield services industry.

Quality Control Manager - $106,000/year

Quality control managers ensure the quality of products produced by oilfield services companies. They work with various departments within these companies to ensure that products meet specifications set by the clientele. In addition to their daily duties, they often oversee safety procedures.

What are the Benefits of Working in an Oilfield Services/Equipment Job?

Oilfield services and equipment jobs offer many benefits, including good pay and the opportunity to work in a field that is constantly growing.

Here are some of the top benefits of working in this field:

  1. Good Pay: Oilfield services and equipment jobs offer good pay, often well above the national average. In some cases, workers can earn well over $100 per hour.
  2. Variety: Oilfield services and equipment jobs offer a great deal of variety, allowing workers to switch gears frequently and explore new opportunities.
  3. Permanent Employment: With oilfield services and equipment jobs, there is usually little need for workers to search for new employment each time oil prices change or drilling activity diminishes.
  4. Great Working Conditions: Oilfield services and equipment jobs often come with great working conditions, including plenty of opportunities for overtime pay and vacation time.


With the oil and gas boom continuing, there is a high demand for oilfield services and equipment. If you are interested in finding one of the best-paying jobs in this industry, then you should definitely check out our list of top-paying oilfield jobs! From roughneck to drilling specialist, we have detailed information on each of these positions so that you can find the right match for your skills and interests.

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