When it comes to business, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why Norstrat Consulting takes a different approach than most businesses. Rather than simply following trends and hoping they work out, Norstrat Consulting uses data and analytics to figure out what will work for its clients. One of the ways Norstrat Consulting does this is by building on the Northern Strategy.

This strategy is based on three key principles:

  1. focusing on customers in the North.
  2. leveraging resources in the North
  3. creating value for people in the North.

To learn more about how Norstrat Consulting uses these principles to help businesses succeed, check out their latest blog post. In it, you’ll find details on how they use data and analytics to identify opportunities and targets in the Northern market.

What is Nordstrom Consulting?

Nordstrom Consulting is a Canadian-based consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing strategies for the northern economy. The company was founded in 1997 by former federal cabinet minister Don Boudria and has since worked with a variety of clients, including governments, private sector companies, and non-governmental organizations. Norstrat’s approach to strategy development is based on the premise that a well-crafted strategy is essential to achieving successful outcomes in the north.

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The company’s portfolio of services includes analysis and planning, market research, stakeholder consultation, project management, strategic communications, and marketing campaigns. In addition to its core work in the north, Norstrat has also developed expertise in offshore oil and gas development, aboriginal economic development, public sector restructuring, and urban revitalization.

Norstrat’s team of experienced consultants is widely respected for its ability to develop effective strategies that meet the specific needs of its clients. In addition to its own experience in the northern economy, Norstrat draws on a wealth of knowledge from other sectors to help it craft targeted solutions. This breadth of experience makes Norstrat a trusted adviser for businesses looking to capitalize on opportunities in the north.

The following are some key strengths of Norstrat Consulting:

  1. Expertise in developing strategies for the northern economy: Norstrat specializes in developing tailored solutions for businesses looking to capitalize on opportunities in the north. Drawing on a wealth of experience from other sectors helps them develop targeted solutions

Overview of the Northern Strategy

The Northern Strategy is a cross-government strategy to improve the economy, environment, and social well-being of northern England. The Northern Strategy has three strands: economic growth, public services, and infrastructure.

Economic growth is the main focus of the Northern Strategy. The strategy aims to increase productivity and job creation in northern England, through measures such as improving infrastructure, increasing exports, and attracting investment. Public services are also a priority for the Northern Strategy, as they are key to ensuring that people in northern England have access to quality healthcare, education, and welfare benefits. Infrastructure is another key area of focus for the Northern Strategy, as it is essential for businesses to have good transport links and quality housing.

The Northern Strategy was launched in November 2012 by then-prime minister David Cameron. Since its launch, the Northern Strategy has received criticism for being too costly and Too focused on economic development rather than social priorities. However, recent reforms to the strategy have been praised by some experts as helping to improve its efficacy.

The Benefits of the Northern Strategy

A few years ago, the federal government put forth a Northern Strategy, designed to increase prosperity and stability in Canada’s North. The strategy has been lauded by many as a success, with many northern communities experiencing an economic resurgence. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what the Northern Strategy is, why it was created, and some of the benefits it has brought to the region.

The Northern Strategy was officially unveiled in 2010 and was based on four pillars: Economic Development and Innovation, Infrastructure and Communities, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) , and Public Safety. The goal of the strategy was to increase prosperity and stability in regions such as the North by improving infrastructure and creating jobs; advancing public safety through better policing practices; enhancing Aboriginal education and training opportunities; and developing key sectors such as health care.

So far, the strategy has been very successful. According to AANDC, since 2010 there have been “significant strides” made in all four pillars of the strategy including increased investment in sustainable resource development such as forestry; creation of thousands of jobs across a range of sectors; improved First Nation education outcomes; increased housing starts; new investment in transportation infrastructure; enhanced emergency response capabilities; enhanced environmental monitoring programs; and more.

Some of the key benefits of the Northern Strategy include:

Increased Investment: Since 2010, there has been an increase in both private sector investment and government spending in northern regions. This has led


Norstrat Consulting is an excellent resource for anyone looking to further develop their business in the Northern United States. The team at Norstrat has years of experience working with businesses in the region, and they are passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. They offer a range of services, from business consulting to marketing assistance, and they are always willing to go above and beyond to help their clients achieve success. If you’re interested in expanding your reach in the Northern United States, contact Norstrat Consulting today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern Strategy?

The Northern Strategy is a five-year plan that was released by the Canadian government in 2006. The goal of the Northern Strategy is to improve economic and social conditions in northern Canada while also supporting sustainable development. Some of the main objectives of the Northern Strategy include increasing job growth, improving access to social services, and encouraging Aboriginal and territorial reconciliation.

How does the Northern Strategy affect me?

The Northern Strategy has a number of goals and objectives, but some of the most important ones for residents of northern Canada are increasing job growth and improving access to social services. Improving access to social services means that more people in northern Canada will have access to affordable health care, education, and housing. Additionally, increased job growth will help reduce poverty rates and increase disposable income for residents of northern Canada.

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