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Sahachari Foundation 

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Established in 2009, Sahachari Foundation is a trust that supports charitable causes which promote the upliftment and empowerment of the under privileged. Aided by individual and corporate donors, the Foundation organizes one-of-a-kind events related to the promotion of entrepreneurship, art and culture. Proceeds from these events are channelled to deserving non-profit organizations (NGOs) whose tireless efforts make our society a better place. The ladies of Sahachari use their collective strength to fulfil the Foundation’s objectives of creating an inclusive society and bringing about positive change. With a special focus in the areas of education, care of the physically and mentally challenged, healthcare, nutrition, community upliftment, empowerment of women, animal welfare and promotion of culture, the Sahachari Foundation has supported over 22 non-profit organizations. Their events encourage sponsor brands to gain branding opportunities and visibility to a niche clientele, with varied interests. Some of the keystone cultural events organized by the Sahachari team include a collaborative association with the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), where musical performances by renowned Indian and international musicians like Zakir Hussain, Kailash Kher and Shankar Mahadevan are staged along with classical and contemporary dance. At these events, NGOs supported by the Foundation are presented cheques at the hands of the performers and sponsors. Other events include a performance of the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Harding, and Children’s Day Specials featuring exceptionally gifted child prodigies. Sahachari Foundation’s endowment to NCPA supports training programmes in Indian music for under-privileged children. The scheme has benefitted 450 children from lower income groups in 3 Government- aided schools. For more on Sahachari Foundation’s events, charitable causes and associations, visit

Charities supported by Sahachari Foundation 

  1. With SF funds, Apne Aap Women’s Collective operates a Day Program offering hot meals, tuition and vocational classes, and a Night Shelter to protect daughters of sex-workers.    
  2. SF has aided infrastructure development and construction of a Dining Hall, computer training, student sponsorship, and boarding and lodging for visually impaired students of Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. 
  3. SF has funded puppy pens, an adoption centre for destitute animals and a large ambulance service at Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 
  4. SF supports Muktangan, which trains local community members through a year-long pre-service teacher education programme, and provides holistic and inclusive English-medium education for over 3200 economically-depressed children in 7 Municipal schools in Mumbai. 
  5. Through I Hear Foundation and ENT LLP, SF funds cochlear implant surgeries which give children with auditory impairment the ability to hear, and lead a normal life. 
  6. Delivery vans donated by SF to Annamrita Foundation of ISKCON distribute midday meals in government-aided schools in Mumbai.  
  7. SF offers a scholarship in perpetuity, to one engineering student at the all-women’s university, Banasthali Vidyapith in Jaipur 
  8. SF has funded free surgical camps for infants, conducted by Kanchi Kamakati Child’s Hospital in Chennai.  

  9. Shri Karni Nagar Vikas Samiti in Kota will run a Cerebral Palsy Day-care Centre for 3 years with SF’s donation.  

  10. Through Habitat for Humanity, SF has donated water-wheels which reduce the drudgery of water collection for many marginalised families, and improve health and hygiene.

  11. SF supports 50 schools per year run by Friends of Tribals Society to impart non-formal primary education to children of adivasi communities in tribal areas. 

  12. The Jaipur Foot project rehabilitates the disabled by providing artificial limbs, calipers etc. free of charge.   

  13. SF has funded Lifeline Express (the mobile rail hospital project of Impact India Foundation) at Korba, Chhattisgarh, providing free health services to India’s rural poor.    

  14. SFsupports family units (rooms) at St. Jude’s India Childcare Centres which provide palliative care and a safe and clean environment for outstation paediatric cancer patients.

  15. The Foundation supports Stree Mandal, a 100 year-old institution that aids  cancer treatment and post-Covid recovery of senior citizens.  

  16. Healing Touch: The Foundation provides financial aid to Dr. Mahesh Balsekar's free surgeries for children with life-threatening illnesses.

  17. Jai Vakeel School: Our funds provide therapeutic and medical interventions to persons with intellectual disability.  

  18. Mann: For the mentally challenged 

  19. NCPA: For music training programmes titled ‘Kalashala’ conducted by the NCPA for students from underprivileged communities in government - aided schools.   

  20. Naam Foundation: Relief in drought-stricken areas of Marathwada    

  21. Welfare of Stray Dogs: Animal welfare   

  22. Koregaon Education Society: Part-funding the building of a school for tribal children  

  23. Sakha Cabs: Challenging a traditional male bastion, the NGO runs an all-women’s taxi service which trains underprivileged women as chauffeurs.

  24. Yusuf Meherally Centre: For free tuition, boarding and lodging of 30 Adivasi girls, and for repair and renovation of the existing toilet block (serves 400 students)

  25. Installation of submersible pump inside a well in Bivalwadi village in Kasara, Thane district and laying of pipeline of approx. 800 meters, to pump water from well to the village water storage tank. Water tank construction was done by the Rotary. Village Nari Shakti dug the trench for laying the pipe. It benefits 75 adivasi families. 

  26. Farmers Producer’s Organisation: Funded 3 delivery vans to develop regular market linkage for farmers of 60 villages of Wardha district. Approximately 300 farmers will benefit.

  27. Nanhi Kali & Laadli: To educate the girl child from under-privileged communities.

  28. Shree Chandulal Nanavati Women’s Institute & Girls High School: For the empowerment of women through higher education. 

  29.  Om Creations Trust: For solar panels 

  30. Centre for Transforming India: Donation of bicycles to girl students for  ‘Ride a Girl to School / College’ project 

  31. Sri Jayam Trust: Animal welfare & saving cows

  32. Aashray provides a home where senior citizens can live their lives in dignity. 

  33. Aangan Trust: Helps over 20,000 girls from economically depressed backgrounds by giving them vocational training and livelihood opportunities.

  34. Kherwadi Provides vocational training to school drop-outs and equips them to improve the quality of their lives.

  35. SOS Children’s Villages: Rear orphans in a family environment and provide them with education, medical facilities, vocational training and livelihood opportunities, to be integrated into mainstream. 

  36. Yash Charitable Trust: Annual rent of Skill Development Centre for the differently abled

  37. Dhwani Badhir Vidyalaya: School for hearing impaired in Bharuch, Gujarat 

  38. Vandana Foundation: Girls & women’s empowerment 

  39. The BCPT E Teach Project: Helps students from vernacular schools to learn English through audio and visual content

  40. Baby Memorial Charitable Trust: For flood relief in Kerala

  41. Life Trust India: For child education

  42. Sneha Foundation: For Child Health & Nutrition (CHN) programme.

  43. YUVA: For distributing food and ration kits to families of migrant workers during the pandemic in 2020.