Shipping Policy


What is Designone's Shipping Policy?

Desginone, on its website has mentioned the shipping cost and the required shipping days according to the information given by the sellers and the sellers will see that all the deliveries will be done as per the mentioned delivery times.


Does Designone offer International shipping?

Designone can easily take orders for the shipping to be done within the country, however for international shipping, the customer has to contact the brands directly to make arrangements.

How much does the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is decided by the seller and it is mentioned on the website at the checkout point. It includes free shipping for some brand while other brands charge minimum shipping cost as per their policies. Please note designone is not responsible for any shipping cost /customs fees/duties/clearance charges.


What is designone’s Fair Usage Policy?

We always strive hard to provide the best experience to our customers.


How do I check the status of my order?

Once you have placed an order online, it is listed in your Orders listing. To access your Orders, log into your account and under ‘Orders’, look for the product item whose status you want to check. The order item status is listed so you can track its status from the time you place the order to when you receive it. Actions permitted (E.g. Cancel / Return etc.) are de-pendent upon the Order Status.


My order will be shipped in multiple shipments? What does this mean?

This means that different parts of your order may have simply been shipped from our different sellers from their different locations. Please be assured you will recieve your order within the shipping details mentioned by the seller.


I have received a partial item/partial order or a Void packet?

Kindly reach out to the seller details mentioned in the invoice also please mention the same to us on, While we investigate, request you to please make note of the below pointers: .

  • # Please do not use the item for which claim is being raised.
    # You may be required to send the information’s like, a short description of the case , snapshot of the box, product , covered with the sides of the damaged