Jaggery Peanut Butter, Stoneground

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1. Made with 100% Peanuts. And Nothing Else, Raw Peanuts, No added Sugar and Colours, Highly Nutritious, Vegan
2. Vitamin Content- Contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals which makes good source of Protein, Fiber and Vitamin E. Peanut butter serves as a rich source of vitamin E and niacin, or vitamin B-3.
3. Beneficial Minerals- Reach for peanut butter as a source of beneficial minerals, especially magnesium and copper. These minerals helps to activate enzymes, Magnesium- and copper-dependent proteins support energy production.
4. Can be used instead of regular butter for better well being and health. Supports Cardiovascular and Brain Health
5. Storage: Refrigerate once opened to preserve freshness, Shelf Life: It can last for 6 months (at room temperature) and 8months (refrigerated).
Weight - 300 g

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