Taste Retreat

Truffle Treasure (The truffle box)

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Truffle Butter X 1
Salted popcorn X 1 with Truffle Oil (30 ml) X 1
Porcini Gouda sourdough loaf with caramelised onions and a truffle oil drizzle X 1
Truffle Black Pepper cheese with truffle honey glaze X 1 / Truffle burrata X 1
Wooden Basket with floral decor X 1
Shelf life:
Bread and Popcorn Upto 5 Days in airtight container
Bread can be stored Upto 1 Month in the freezer
Cheese Upto 5 days in refrigerator
Packaged food as per best before date mentioned on the package
Weight - 2500 gms

Minimum 48 hour pre order required

No Returns Accepted